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Welcome to Country Kit & Classic Car Hire

We give an original range of vehicles for that supreme driving knowledge!

Benefit from the open road in one of our classic or kit cars for a truly wonderful day.

Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, an anniversary, wedding or any other special occasion picking a traditional or kit car for your red letter day creates a really special present indeed.

Why don’t you hire among our vehicles for a passionate separate? Or even for a morning to take your family member somewhere special.

Perhaps you are even contemplating running a basic or set car why don’t you ?Take to before you decide? you’d be astonished how many individuals buy a car in excitement just to find out as wonderful because it is, it really isn?t ideal for their wants!

There is no higher delight than experiencing the travel of your life in the cars you’ve generally considered about.

Exploring the countryside, visiting stately houses, a day by the sea or even going along to a car show whatever you wish to do we is going to do our best to ensure you’ve per day to remember.

Situated in the lovely and Historical South West of England there is always something to see and do with several National Trust and English History Internet sites to visit. Furthermore we can present you with a number of tours and calendar dates.

How about a picnic to get along for the ride? Even though there are numerous places to consume sometimes their just good to locate that great spot, subside and enjoy a hamper and ingest the view.