Guide to Painting Your Motorcycle’s Exhaust Header

Do you want to give your motorcycle a performance boost without splurging? And, do you want to give it a brand-new look without spending too much? Instead of spending on a pricey retrofit, you can spray or apply header paint.

Here’s a guide about spraying on header paint on your motorcycle’s exhaust:

Why apply header paint?

1 – To preserve the motorcycle and exhaust’s quality and performance

Many owners think applying paint on the exhaust is just a bit too trivial. Besides helping you save from a retrofit cost, header paint also helps preserve your motorcycle’s performance. Well-coated exhaust headers resist corrosion, prolonging your motorcycle’s life cycle and boosting its performance. If rust doesn’t easily accumulate on the tubes, they’re less likely to slow down your motorcycle.

2 – To regulate the heat produced

Besides preventing corrosion, coating your exhaust helps regulate heat emissions. This doesn’t necessarily help lessen the heat produced by the exit hole, though. The pipes’ heat will be regulated by a high-quality header paint.

Given that dark colours produce more heat than lighter ones, a painting product in a dark hue will help your motorcycle cool down faster. A hot pipe is even believed to melt its neighbouring parts – so be sure to order a high-performing paint in a dark hue.

3 – To give your motorcycle a sexy, techy look

Have you seen a rusty exhaust? It just doesn’t help in giving that appeal – and especially with giving the motorcycle a performance boost. Obviously, after painting your exhaust, it will give a better look and feel overall.

4 – Improve the exhaustion of gas

Well-performing exhaust headers help the engine push the gas out better. Thus, preserving your exhaust headers (besides painting them or coating them with high-heat tape) will help your engine run smoother. Click here CAR BUILDERS for more information.

DIY Exhaust Painting

The result may be really helpful, but painting your exhausts requires effort. Here’s how to paint your exhausts in a Do It Yourself way:

1. Prepare your working area.

You have to set up your motorcycle in an area with ample ventilation. Protect your floor or walls with a drop cloth.

2. Clean your pipes.

Get rid of that rust! Clean your exhaust pipes thoroughly using a Wax & Tar Remover. Apply generously and let it sit for a minute or two. Next, wipe the film with a lint-free cloth.

3. Protect the nearby parts.

To keep off paint from spreading to the closer parts, put on a painter’s tape.

4. Prime.

Shake your High Heat Primer for a minute or two, after the mixing ball rattles. Position the spraying can 8-12 inches away from the pipes and spray away steadily. You can apply two to three coatings, with intervals that last 3 to 5 minutes. Afterward, let it dry for an hour.

5. Apply the paint.

Do the same thing as you did on the priming stage. The drying process must last an hour or two before you cure it again.

6. Cure.

Do as what the product instructs you to do. After that, you can use your motorcycle again.

Get the best header paint today

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